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This gives rise to remarkable results: Without using artificial fertilisers or other chemicals, we consume a minimum of water and energy, while obtaining yields many times higher than conventional farming.


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Day trading, one of the most common uses for risk capital, also has some safety features to indirectly control the amount of risk capital a trader can put in. The pattern day trading rule requires a brokerage account to have a minimum account equity of. This allows for day trading buying power that is up to a intraday margin. Accounts that fall under the minimum are not allowed to make more than three roundtrip trades within a rolling five-day period. Failing to abide by the rule can result in account restrictions and suspensions. It is important to check with the specific brokerage in regard to policies for day trading accounts.



With the law named Free Trade Port Law 26-1983, companies can set up in Northern Cyprus. Free trade zones offer very good tax advantages. Same requirements for local company setup also needs to be fulfilled in the free trade zone company. Free trade zone companies are exempt from corporation tax and value-added tax(VAT). Also, there are no restrictions on the movement of capital. Operations can be conducted with no taxes. Since the popularity of the free trade zone companies increased, the North Cyprus free trade zone allows companies to operate without a physical place at the port. Consulting, Advisory, IT, Financing, and Insurance companies are the most popular sectors operating this method. More than 500 companies are operating in the North Cyprus free trade zone. There are only two fees for setting up a company;



The investment allowance rate for the investments to be made in priority development regions is to be determined by the state planning organization, within the framework of development plans and/or annual programs is 200% over the cost of ownership. In other regions, the investment discount rate is 100% on the cost of ownership.


Most ordinary individuals can easily make investments in stocks, bonds, and CDs. With stocks, you are investing in the equity of a company, which means you invest in some residual claim to a company's future profit flows and often gain voting rights (based on the number of shares owned) to give your voice to the direction of the company. Bonds and CDs are debt investments, where the borrower puts that money to use in a pursuit that is expected to bring in cash flows greater than the interest owed to the investors.

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